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Animal Rides & Shows

Company Picnic Entertainment   Animal Rides & Shows   Planning a Company Picnic this year? Our Event Planners are here to offer you an excellent opportunity to create a memorable, fun filled day for the entire family. Our Animal rides and shows are completely enjoyable for adults as well as kids. They bring out a carefree element and really take your event planning to a whole new level of fun. Your guests will be delighted and impressed to see the range of animals we have available. Pony Rides, Camel Rides, Elephant Rides,

Elephant Rides

Animal Rides & Shows   Elephant Rides  Event Planning this year? Looking for something interesting and exotic to offer your guests? Our party planners have a range of on site picnic entertainment to offer you. But perhaps one of the most exotic things we can bring your next company picnic is an Elephant Ride. Did you know that elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on earth? They're surprisingly tame and docile considering their gigantic size. Apparently they never forget too, but we're not so sure about that. Our event
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